Data Privacy Day Theme for 2024: “Take Control of Your Data”

Data Privacy Day Theme for 2024: “Take Control of Your Data”

Data Privacy is a Priority!

As a technological firm, SPAN takes the initiative to create awareness and signifies its commitment to protecting information. Let us Prioritize data Privacy as part of our daily functions.

Historical Background:

Data Privacy Day on January 28 is a global initiative aimed at increasing awareness and advocating best practices for data privacy and protection. Its origin traces back to the signing of Convention 108 by the Council of Europe on January 28, 1981, marking the first international treaty establishing standards for data privacy and security.

As the digital economy surged, so did the potential for personal data misuse. The inaugural international data protection event occurred on April 26, 2006, leading to the establishment of European Data Protection Day on January 28. This response addressed concerns about improper personal data use and emphasized responsible and secure data sharing across Europe.

Indian Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDP Act):

Under the DPDP Act, organizations processing personal data in India must adhere to specific restrictions and obligations. Key provisions include obtaining consent from individuals before processing their data unless exemptions apply.

Objectives of Data Privacy Day:

Celebrated annually on January 28, Data Privacy Day aims to

  • Inform individuals about online risks like identity theft and data breaches.
  • Promote the significance of data privacy and cybersecurity.
  • Encourage vigilance in online activities for personal data safety.
  • Encourage accountability for protecting one’s own and others’ data.
  • Establish data protection as a fundamental global right

SPAN acknowledges Data Privacy Day and aims to foster a sense of responsibility by Individuals.

SPAN would like to take the initiative to protect the information and contribute to the global effort to establish data protection as a fundamental right.

To demonstrate commitment to personal and collective data protection. 

  • Learn about personal data privacy rights.
  • Compile contact lists for data breach incidents.
  • Educate yourself on data privacy concepts like cybersecurity, encryption, and web cookies.
  • Review privacy settings across various accounts. 
  • Discuss data privacy with friends and family.
  • Ensure devices have UpToDate security software.
  • Participate in person or online data privacy events, workshops, and boot camps.


SPAN believes in nurturing a responsible mindset by keeping people informed about the origins and significance of Data Privacy Day. Which could empower individuals to safeguard their data and uphold online privacy proactively.


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