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October 9, 2023

SPAN Get O Gala Diaries - Engraving the Words of Wisdom!

Words have power! The power that can inspire you, the power that can transform you into a greater personality, and the power that can take you to the greatest of heights. Especially when they come from the people who inspire us!

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March 8, 2023

Women’s Day 2023 - A Step Towards Embracing Equity!

For this year, 2023, the theme for International Women's Day is #EmbraceEquity! It strives to insist on why “Equal opportunities are no longer enough"

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August 12, 2022

Books, the Morale-Booster We Should Cherish Always.

The art of reading books takes us not only to the world of fantasies and fiction but to the place where we attain the peace of mind that we always crave for!

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August 5, 2022

Friendship, A Gateway to Happiness in Our Workplace

we thought of bringing our perspective on how friendship plays a vital role in our work life and how it keeps our days enjoyable and productive.


Your Guide to a Safer Internet Experience

The theme for Safer Internet Day: 6th Feb 2024 ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’. Even today, as tools and systems become more powerful, effective cybersecurity relies more on users’ actions in daily routine than it does on technology.Safer Internet Day 2024 is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how […]

Data Privacy Day Theme for 2024: “Take Control of Your Data”

Data Privacy is a Priority! As a technological firm, SPAN takes the initiative to create awareness and signifies its commitment to protecting information. Let us Prioritize data Privacy as part of our daily functions. Historical Background: Data Privacy Day on January 28 is a global initiative aimed at increasing awareness and advocating best practices for […]

DevOps – The Game Changer in Software Industry

DevOps is a set of practices that combines Development (Dev) with (Operations) to build a worthwhile product within a short development cycle.

The Impact of Engineering on the Modern World!

How will the world be without Engineering? It's hard to imagine. Isn't it? That's how significant Engineering is to us. Not just one or two, engineering has a vital impact on almost every field!

Phasing Out of Third-Party Cookies – Is it Time for an Internet Evolution?

Without third-party cookies, digital marketers around the world won't be able to track the online behavior and preferences of consumers.