Friendship, A Gateway to Happiness in Our Workplace

Friendship, A Gateway to Happiness in Our Workplace

Friendship! One thing that holds the world together and one of the things that humankind cherishes!

Sharing the Human Spirit through Friendship is the theme of Friendship day for 2022.
It strives to portray friendship as the way to ensure a peaceful and prosperous society.

While we are still in Friendship day week, we thought of bringing our perspective on how friendship plays a vital role in our work life and how it keeps our days enjoyable and productive.

On average, we spend 40 hours a week together with our colleagues at work. The companionship we share with them strengthens every day, and in a matter of time, the transformation between ‘Just Colleagues’ and ‘Thick Buddies’ occurs automatically.

And, once we have buddies at work, we don’t have to seek any means of confidence boosters and stress busters. We will always have someone to laugh with, someone to chat with, someone to rely on, and more importantly, someone who trusts us and stands by us, no matter what!

At times, every one of us will go through hard days at work. Things may not go as planned. But our work friends will always be there to cheer us up, letting us move on to the next day with the same level of buoyancy.

Not just on Friendship week, our friends at work share the human spirit through their priceless friendship throughout the year.

“There is a recent analysis made by Officevibe that says, 70%  of the workers believe having work friends is highly essential for a happy work life.”


This shows how valuable our work friends are! 

Now, what if we say, embracing friendship in our workplace can not only keep us happy but can have a great impact on the work we do as well?

Yes! Workplace Friendship spreads positivity in the air and builds a lively work environment. Lifting up our spirits every day, it makes us more energetic and enthusiastic about the work we do. And, when we are more energized and enthusiastic about our work, obviously, it results in improved efficiency and productivity. 

There is a popular quote related to this.

“A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul!”


That’s why, we at Span believe, Friendship is an integral part of us. We believe in forming a bunch of friends and not just colleagues. Together we work! Together we enjoy! Together we grow! And, Together we succeed!  

Wishing everyone a Happy Friendship Day.


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