SPAN Get O Gala Diaries – Recognizing Talents and Accomplishments

SPAN Get O Gala Diaries – Recognizing Talents and Accomplishments

There is no better form of motivation than recognition and appreciation! 

Built with a team of passionate people, SPAN has always been the place where employees thrive. With commendable dedication and passion, people at SPAN have made some invaluable accomplishments and contributions throughout the year, and we felt immense pride in recognizing them at our 12th Anniversary Celebration, SPAN Get O Gala, held on September 23, 2023.

From identifying and recognizing noteworthy individual contributions to honoring unparalleled team efforts, the SPAN Get O Gala gave us the opportunity to stand up and appreciate our fellow SPANians for all their hard work and commitment.

Here, we are presenting the list of annual award winners under each category.

Best Coach of the Year

A good coach can identify and nurture the talent in you more than yourself! Here are the best coaches of the year.

  • Ranjith N – Senior Software Engineer (Dotnet)
  • Kishorekumar M – Assistant Manager (Dotnet)

Top Innovator of the Year

Even in this digital era, there is no AI that can top the innovation that can emerge from human intelligence. Here are our top innovators of the year.

  • Aruna M – Software Engineer (Node Js)

  • Dhurga B – Lead Software Engineer (Dotnet)

Customer Champion of the Year

Our burning desire to exceed customer expectations will never cease. Here are the ones who emerged as champions in ensuring customer experience.

  • Ananth Rajendran – Network Software Engineer (Network Admin)

  • Devasenabathy S M – Senior Business Analyst (BA)
  • Venugopal C – Senior Customer Success Executive (Customer Success)

Best Performer of the Year

Emerging as the best from an abundance of talents is really commendable and deserves to be appreciated. Here are our best performers of the year.

  • Raghul Sabari – QA Engineer (QA)

  • Gopinath B –  QA Engineer (QA)

  • Saran Santhosh K – Junior Security Engineer (Security & Compliance)

  • Prince Wesly – Junior QA Engineer (POAT)

  • Velu Boopathy – Web Designer (Web Designing)

  • Abhinandhan GM – Content Writer (Content Writing)

  • Kowsalya M – Web Designer (Web Designing)

  • Balaji M – Talent Acquisition Executive (HR)

Operational Excellence Award

One of our core values is ‘Operational Excellence is Sacrosanct’. Here are the ones who act as great examples in abiding by that.

  • Leelavathi V – Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Sridhar B –  Business Analyst (BA)

  • Janaki V – Senior Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Batsha N – Lead QA Engineer (QA)

  • Boopathi V – Lead Digital Operations Analyst (Digital Operations)

Employee of the Year

It takes a lot of zeal and persistence to get recognized as ‘Employee of the Year’.  Here are the ones who achieved that this year.

  • Hariharan M – Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Vivek S – Digital Marketing Analyst (Digital Marketing Analyst)

  • Suganya B – Senior Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Gunalan D – Senior Graphics Designer (Web Designing)

  • Abdul Samad S – Senior Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Karthiga G – Senior Software Engineer (Mobile App)

  • Selvaraj D – Senior Business Analyst (BA)

  • Subramanian U – Lead Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Abdul Rahman A – Lead Web Designer (Web Designing)

  • Udhaya Girishan S – Lead QA Engineer (QA)

  • Prasanthkumar R – Lead Software Engineer (Dotnet)

  • Tamilarasi M – Lead POAT (POAT)

  • Lakshan S – Lead DevOps Engineer (DevOps)

Special Mention Award

Even the smallest of achievements are meant to be appreciated. Here are the ones who received special mention awards.

  • Vani Mounica Athkuri – HR Specialist (TA & Engagement)

  • Balaji Shankar – Senior Customer Success Executive (Customer Success)

  • Ajith Kumar M – Junior QA Engineer (POAT)

  • Pravin Balaji M – DevOps Engineer (DevOps)

  • Rajesh R – Digital Marketing Analyst (Digital Marketing)

  • Vinoth D – Asst. Manager (Digital Compliance)

Milestone Achievements Award

It’s important that we take some time to celebrate the milestones in our journey to success. Here are the people who won the Milestone Achievements award.

  • Anand G – Vice President (Security & Compliance)

  • Andros Vijay G – Manager (QA)

  • Sunil Prabhu K – Manager (BA)

  • Arun Balaj K – Manager (BA)
  • P.K.Prasanth – Program Manager

  • Sathish S – Manager (Software Engineering)

  • Kasthuriramachandran H –  Manager (Software Engineering)

  • Deepan G – Manager (BA)

  • Shanmugapriya K – Asst.Manager (QA)

  • Ramaraj I – Manager (Software Engineering)

CEO Awards

Getting appreciated by leaders who inspire us is always special! Here are the teams and the individuals who are nominated directly by our beloved CEO, Naga Palanisamy.


  • TaxBandits 1099/W-2 Development – SPAN Super Squad

  • Tax990 Development – Pinnacle Performer’s

  • ExpressTruckTax – Glory Story of SPAN


  • Govindaraj M – Branch Manager

  • Sunil Prabhu K – Product Manager (BA)

  • Deepan Govindaraj – Product Manager (BA)

  • Prasanth PK – Program Manager

  • Ramaraj Inbaraj – Manager (Software Engineering)

Expressing our hearty congratulations to all the award winners! Way to go!