SPAN TECHNOLOGY Takes a Giant Leap with NASSCOM Membership!

SPAN TECHNOLOGY Takes a Giant Leap with NASSCOM Membership!

Our CEO, Naga Palanisamy, always aims to ‘go the extra mile’ to ‘move mountains’ .’ Our company thrives as a place where employee growth and development are actively supported and encouraged, fostering a culture of success and achievement.

Adding a new feather to the crown always feels wonderful; this time, it’s by becoming a NASSCOM-certified member. We are delighted to report that SPAN TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has received the prestigious NASSCOM certification, signifying a noteworthy achievement in our commitment to excellence and innovation within the tech industry. 

We are honored to be among the very few businesses that have earned this distinction, as it is a reflection of our commitment, quality, and customer satisfaction. With great pride, SPAN TECHNOLOGY joins this prestigious group that supports businesses in India by organizing product and leadership summits.

Becoming a NASSCOM-certified company comes with a range of benefits that can positively impact various aspects of your business. Here are some perks of being a NASSCOM-certified company:

  • Enhanced Credibility
  • Huge Opportunities for Networking
  • increases the credibility of the business
  • Participate in essential learning
  • Engage in Events and Bootcamps
  • Access to New Opportunities
  • Industry Recognition

Overall, being a NASSCOM-certified company can bring a range of benefits that can  enhance the business reputation, access new opportunities, and drive continuous improvement and Innovation.

In conclusion, SPAN TECHNOLOGY’s certification as a NASSCOM member marks a significant achievement and underscores its commitment to excellence in the tech industry. This milestone opens up new avenues for growth and collaboration. As Span Technology continues its journey of innovation and excellence, this certification serves as a testament to its dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and driving positive change in the tech landscape.